Hello! I am Charlene Atlas.
I'm on a mission to break digital content free from flat screens. As an Interaction Designer for Reality Labs, I work with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, researchers, and engineers to envision and build the far future of virtual and augmented reality. During my 10+ year career, I have worked on experiences for the Kinect for Xbox 360 and the HoloLens, incubated new products and technologies, and have given workshops on inclusive design. I have played music all my life and love solving puzzles. Welcome!

Public Speaking & Performances
Much of my work is confidential, so here are a few times I've been out in public saying or doing things!
Mavens I/O: 
Black Women in Tech Conference 2021 
HoloLens: RoboRaid
Grammy Awards 2009 - Performed with Radiohead in USC Marching Band 
More Me Online!
Here is where to find me elsewhere online...
I have a few articles there about personal projects.
Message me here if you want to build the future with me!
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